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Inbound & Outbound Services

Outsource Inbound Services to get new leads.

Inbound Services

Outsource Inbound Services to get new leads

When customers reach out to your business to resolve their queries, they expect to get immediate responses from your customer support executives.

For business owners, customer satisfaction always comes first, and to make sure that the callers hang up the call feeling satisfied from your services, outsourcing a renowned inbound call center is important.

At Insta Connects, we understand the role that every customer call plays in generating new leads for your business. Our well-trained consultants ensure that the clients are assisted in every aspect of their journey starting from answering their queries before purchase, helping them during the transaction, and answering their questions after purchase.

With the right use of technology and highly professional staff, Insta Connects ensures that your inbound services are well-equipped for handling large volumes of inbound calls and meeting the growing customer demands.

What Inbound Call Center Services do we offer?
  1. IVR: To make sure that the customer doesn't get frustrated after hearing about many IVR options, our crisp menu reduces the waiting time of customers and provides them with the most popular options to choose from
  2. Customer feedback: Getting an idea about how the customer perceives your brand goes a long way in improving the quality of your services. After the end of every customer call, our team collects feedback to know about the overall experience of customers.
  3. Technical Support: Technical support inbound services are responsible for solving queries related to electronic or software glitches. We have trained personnel to handle tech issues related to the IT department, product support, website mishandling issues, etc.
  4. Sales Support & Lead Generation: Good Sales support is no less than magic. To beat the competition, we believe in providing prominent and more agile support to generate more leads, expand your brand’s reach and grow your business.
  5. Handling complaints: Our complaint and resource-equipped team willingly work to reduce the complaints of your valued customers which further creates a long-lasting impression. We make sure that every complaint of your customers is resolved effectively.
  6. Direct Response & Media Support: We provide a seamless customer experience that lets the customers get support whenever they need it through their preferred communication channels. We make sure that the customers receive high-quality service from whichever channel they prefer.
Benefits of outsourcing inbound Call Center services
Time for Your Core Business

By outsourcing an inbound call center, you can make sure that your inbound calls are effectively managed by trained professionals. This way, your staff will get free time to help your business grow by focusing on the core tasks.

Improve Customer Acquisition With Our Outbound Call Center Services

Professional Outbound Call Center

We help businesses in India to retain their customers by deploying premium outbound call center services.

From the moment when you outsource outbound contact center services to Insta Connect, you unlock the box of happiness. Our team puts their best efforts to develop good customer relationships and make your business fortunate by cold calling. We provide unlike outbound calling services to distinctive businesses irrespective of their needs.

What we offer?
  1. Verification Calling: Our Agents call the right set of customers at the right time and utilise their competencies while speaking to the interested customer.
  2. Follow - up Calling: With proper training, our agents keep a hold of the customer and continuously take frequent follow-ups throughout their transactional journey.
  3. Market Survey Calling: Our agents believe in keeping the services offered in alliance with the customers needs and wants. Calls are made to our existing set of customers as well as the new ones and surveys are done to analyse the changing behavior and to keep up with the trends.
  4. Payment collection: Agents make sure that they keep informing the customers of their payment dates and dues that they have to clear at a particular time.
  5. Upselling: Our agents have specialized knowledge about industries. They often try to upsell existing customers with other products and widen their current horizons.
  6. Cross-selling: Suggesting customers with products that match their criteria with a different brand that they currently use gives the customer a feeling of higher satisfaction.